We are open and everybody is welcome

Come enjoy world flavours by refugee chefs. A cafe for and by the communities of South East London.

Bringing people together through a love of food

Pizza breads

Tantalising recipes

Our chefs bring their unique culinary experiences to our kitchen, bringing you authentic recipes from Syria, Sri-Lanka, Iran, Ecuador and more.

Cooked by refugees

All the food cooked in the Plateful Cafe is cooked and prepared by our refugees chefs.

Filo parcels

Supporting the community

The plateful Cafe provides jobs for local refugees, whilst hosting community events and get togethers.

Providing real opportunity

The Plateful Cafe kitchen is a safe space for training and upskilling in the catering business, providing skills and London Living Wage jobs and volunteer opportunities for those who otherwise face barriers to employment.

A world cafe where all are welcome

Delicious cakes and Baked goods

Freshly baked treats served daily with recipes from around the globe.

The finest tea and coffees

From unique Syrian teas to gourmet coffees, we've got you coverd.

Delicious food, Made With Love

Try a unique blend of recipes from our refugee chefs.

What our Chefs say

We believe in connecting with mother nature and Honoring the gifts she brings us. Treat your surroundings with respect.

Join our team of volunteers

Get involved with the Plateful Cafe – We’re always looking for volunteers! Whether you want to help in the kitchen, can lend a hand with deliveries, training or anything else – we’re always happy to see new faces!

Watch our short video

Let the plateful cafe cater for you

The plateful cafe can cater for you. We work at any scale, from an intimate home cooking experience to corporate events and parties. Just get in touch for a personalised quote.

Come find us, everybody's welcome

Come join us for a coffee and cake at Star of Greenwich Community pub
60 Old Woolwich Rd, London SE10 9NY