Welcome to Plateful Café, where every meal is a celebration of flavours, community, and creativity. Nestled in the heart of London, Plateful Café is more than just a place to eat – it’s a haven for food enthusiasts, a gathering spot for friends and families, and a beacon of culinary excellence. Founded by Iolanda Chirico, Plateful Café is also a charity that connects refugees and local people through a shared love of good food.

“The Plateful Cafe is a hub of happiness and an inspiring example of how a community venue can boost local well-being, encourage kindness and transform people’s lives”

At Plateful, we are committed to ensuring that every decision we make not only puts the interests of refugees first but, crucially, involves refugees in the decision-making process.

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The universal language of food

Fantastic food is as close as we really get to a universal shared language. In the absence of a common language, food is such an interesting insight into another culture: from the extraordinary precision of sushi to the shared eating experience of Injera, a food popular in Ethiopia.

We want Plateful to be an insight into the lives and stories of the refugee chefs who lovingly create the dishes. Whilst much of life is sadly left behind when you are forced to flee your home, knowledge and recipes remain. In this way, food for many of us is so much more than just what’s on your plate.

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The impact we make

We strive to be an inclusive hub within the community, uniting people while celebrating differences. Find out the impact we have made during our first year.

Plateful Cafe Founder: Iolanda Chirico

I am so happy to be leading on a community initiative by local refugees to bring their cuisines to the local public and show their culinary talents. What amazing food, dishes and entertaining events will come your way by our wonderful  chefs.

I am so incredibly privileged to have a team around me to make the dream of a community refugee-lead cafe a reality. I continue to believe in the great power of food to bring people together, break down barriers and empower local refugees to make a difference.

The Plateful Cafe will be a hub of happiness and an inspiring example of how a community venue can boost local well-being, encourage kindness and transform people’s lives. Let’s make it happen together and be a great success!

Owner of Plateful Cafe


A Message From The Trustees

Plateful Cafe in London.

I joined the board to get more experience in the Food industry, to get to know more about the community and their demands regarding cooking and, most important, to share our thoughts and make the business more successful by allowing the largest possible number of refugees to join and share their cultures and hobbies in cooking.

I hope this year, we will have a special place for Plateful Cafe, and the local community will support us by visiting the cafe and trying the delicious dishes from different cultural backgrounds.

My name is Enxhi, and I have the great opportunity to be one of Plateful Cafe’s trustees. I have always been interested in causes that have to do with human rights and fairness, and I believe Plateful Cafe does just that, giving fair chances to everyone considering their previous background.

The mission of the cafe resonates with me as my family has held the status of refugee for many years, and finding an opportunity that will help, especially to get into the job market, was always missing. Being part of an organisation that will help people not only in the short term but especially in the long term is very fulfilling for me.

On a personal level, this role will give me more insight into charity work, and covering the Treasurer role will help me further develop my accounting skills. Also, being a trustee will be a very good addition to my experience and improve my knowledge regards the way the board is run.

Let the plateful cafe cater your event

The plateful cafe can cater for you. We work at any scale, from an intimate home cooking experience to corporate events and parties. Just get in touch for a personalised quote.

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Community & Sustainability

We are more than just a café; we are a part of the community. Plateful Café regularly hosts events such as local artist showcases, open mic nights, and cooking workshops, organised by our volunteers who share our collective goals and interests.  We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly packaging, minimising waste, and promoting sustainable practices.

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Join Us in Our Cause

You too can make a difference; donate or join our amazing volunteering group.


Come find us, everybody’s welcome

Come and discover why we are a cherished spot for so many. We look forward to serving you! Visit us at the Star of Greenwich, 60 Old Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom SE10 9NY when we host one of our pop ups.