Bistro dedicated to helping refugees offers Plateful of hope

Plateful cafe founder and chef

Recently we had a piece about about the great work we’re doing at Plateful Cafe on South London News – South London Press & Mercury.  Read a summary below or full article here.



Plateful Café, located in Lewisham, celebrates its one-year anniversary with pride.

Founded by Iolanda  Chirico, the café serves as a platform for refugees to display their culinary skills and offers a variety of cuisines to the local community for the sole aim of helping refugees. Operating three days a week, it provides meals, catering services, and sells artisan products.

The café pays its cooks the London Living wage and relies on grants, donations, and trading income for sustainability. Ms. Chirico, along with a team of paid cooks and volunteers, has witnessed significant positive impacts on the refugees’ lives, including improved health, language skills, and confidence.

Plateful Café recently hosted a Persian festival, showcasing the talents of chefs like Hadis  a refugee, who left Iran and found a new life in the UK. The café’s bistro nights highlight different cultures through food, music, and staff contributions. These events offer the community a chance to enjoy diverse cuisines and reinforce the café’s commitment to helping refugees integrate and thrive.

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