Refugee Week

Refugee Week


Refugee Week is the world’s largest arts and culture festival, celebrating the contributions and resilience of refugees. Plateful Cafe being a Charity, we are proud to participate in this significant event with special menus and activities, showcasing the talents and stories of our chefs who have come to the UK as refugees. Each dish they create is a testament to hope and cultural heritage.

During Refugee Week, join us for a series of events, including an art exhibition featuring works by refugee artists from around the world, and a talk on “Cooking and Community” with a renowned chef and refugee rights advocate. These events aim to provide insight into the refugee experience and foster connections through food and art.

Our support for refugees continues throughout the year with employment and training opportunities, as well as a new initiative to provide free meals to refugee families in need. Every meal purchased during Refugee Week will help fund this programme. We invite you to support our efforts and help create a more inclusive society. You can also help us in this cause by checking out our shop for some of our refugee made products.

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